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    German villages sacrificed in the name of coal


    In Germany, one of Europe’s largest coal mines is gaining ground, destroying dozens of villages in its path. Some 35,000 people have already been relocated and 24 new villages have been created to make way for the Garzweiler mine, spanning more than 30 square kilometers.


    By Florence VILLEMINOT , Marina BERTSCH , Sonia BARITELLO , Valérie DEKIMPE , Juliette LACHARNAY

    The surprising growth of evangelical churchs in France

    Although they remain a tiny minority in France, evangelical Christians are growing in number. There were 50,000 evangelical churchgoers back in 1950, but there are nearly 650,000 today, according to the National Council of Evangelicals of France. In evangelical churches, emphasis is placed on personal conversion and a direct relationship with God. FRANCE 24 takes a closer look at their increasing popularity.

    A report by Juliette LACHARNAY and Cecile KHINDRIA

    The tiny parasite threatening your salmon sushi


    By Marina BERTSCH , Mairead DUNDAS , Juliette LACHARNAY , Valérie DEKIMPE


    Brexit: Scores of British Jews apply for German passports


    By Florence GAILLARD and Cecile KHINDRIA

    'Healing viruses' offer hope in fight against 'superbugs'

    By Juliette LACHARNAY and Cécile KHINDRIA



    Redefining the big 'K': Scientists change rules measuring weight of kilogram

    It may sound like a joke, but the kilogram is believed to have lost weight! Defined by a metal cylinder kept in a highly secured vault in Paris, scientists have now decided to change the rules and peg it to nature's constant rather than to a physical object. The goal is to make it even more accurate.



    Ibionext biotech firms seek medical revolution


    By Dhananjay KHADILKAR AND François WIBAUX

    Plastic: Does France have a recycling problem?

    When it comes to sorting and recycling plastic waste, France has some catching up to do. Less than 25% of plastic packaging is recycled, while the rest is incinerated or put in landfills. That's lower than in other European countries, where over 30% of plastic waste is recycled on average. So why is France lagging behind its neighbours? The Down to Earth team digs deep into the world of French trash to find out.


    By Florence VILLEMINOT , Marina BERTSCH , Juliette LACHARNAY , Valérie DEKIMPE